Trailer Launch of Balu Mahi

Latestfilmreviews,com was invited to the official trailer launch of Balu Mahi , in attendance were lead actors Ainy Jaffri, Osman Khalid Butt and director Haissam Hussain


Balu Mahi is an upcoming 2017 Pakistani romantic comedy film directed by Haissam Hussain and produced by Sadia Jabbar. Film is scheduled to release in 10th February 2017.

Below is a snap shot a short question and answers with lead stars and director

Press: What is the USP of your film?

Ainy Jaffri: It is a fun, fresh very contemporary love story. It will be a great adventure for the audience. Mahi represents the current strong woman of Pakistan.I hope the world can see this and she will be a role model for girls everywhere.

Osman Khalid Butt: The film has a great great message of female empowerment for women. The message will resonate in every household and class in Pakistan.

Press: Message to your fans?

Ainy Jaffri: Please do come and watch the film and continue supporting Pakistani cinema.

Osman Khalid Butt: Do come and watch our film and you arte in for a fun ride with this film. 

Press: What is the film about?

Haissam Hussain: It is a love story about two characters that go on a journey who are totally different from each other and their journey of falling in love.

Press: How does this love story differ from what we have seen in the past? Haissam Hussain: You will need to watch it and decide. It is about an issue that all classes have to face in Pakistan and has never been discussed in a feature film before. The message is very universal. 

Press:What were your influences growing up?

Haissam Hussain: I loved any films that touched me like Dr Zhivago , Three Idiots and PK..

Press: How different is Pakistani cinema to Hindi cinema?

Haissam Hussain: We are more passionate as we need to prove ourselves.

Press: Can we see you doing a film in London soon?

Haissam Hussain:I am planning one soon in London.



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