DVD Film Review of John Wick Chapter Two

John Wick Chapter Two finds Keanu Reeves reprising his titular role as legendary hitman John Wick. The action-packed sequel has even more ass-kicking, one-liner s and bullet buffets that you were hoping for. No matter how hard he tries, Reeves’ reluctant hit man can’t walk away from his past as the world’s biggest badass and how lucky for us. It looks like Chapter 2 is retaining all of John Wick’s colourful personality and palette with the promise of even more ballistic bombardment.

John Wick (Keanu Reeves) isn’t having much luck staying retired. Now a former associate of the unstoppable hitman is planning to take over the shadowy international assassins’ guild. John is bound by a blood oath to assist him and reluctantly travels to Rome to fulfil this obligation. Matters are complicated by the fact that someone has ‘opened an account’ on John himself, which means that every badass on the planet is now closing in! It’s not long before the bullets start flying in this explosive sequel to the 2014 hit that reignited Keanu Reeves’ action career with the biggest bang imaginable. That stylish spectacle’s co-director, former stuntman Chad Stahelski, is back behind the camera for this second magnificent blend of superbly choreographed breathtaking action and witty one-liners

Direction wise Chad Stahelski has this time revved up the hyper reality in giving us a  raw well- choreographed action machismo film that leaves all the pretenders at the starting line. He should be congratulated on having lightening strike twice with this sequel that has even more thrilling action and violence then the first film..Keanu is  on blistering form again. John Wick 2 is a lads film fhat wallops you with its visceral bone crunching action in the solar plexus. Do love the homage in the final in a hall of mirrors that is reminiscent of the Bruce Lee classic Enter the Dragon. Both New York and Roma are great locations used by the director to enhance the story.

Performance wise Keanu Reeves is back on fire in this full action mode again in this action film and he delivers the goods. It is great to see him shoot guns and have martial arts fights with the bad guys. We also see him get shot, stabbed, get thrown through glass windows and knocked down by cars. The gun fu violence along with a mixture of martial arts moves puts him miles ahead of the competition. Welcome back again to a much loved action star and we look forward to the further adventures of John Wick.  Keanu Reeves’ legendary hitman takes on the world’s deadliest killers in this thrill-packed sequel.

Out of the supporting cast it is great to see a reunion with “Matrix” co-star Laurence Fishburne in this film. The dialogue is witty and has in jokes to their previous collaboration. Bridget Moynahan only appears in flash back as John Wicks wife. Ian McShane is on great form. As the gangster that entices John Wick out of retirement Riccardo Scamarcio is fab. Along with Ruby Rose who plays a mute bodyguard that has a cool fight with our hero towards the end. But it is Cassian played by Common who gets to duel our hero through Roman settings and then later in New York.

Keanu makes all the recent action stars look boring. If you loved the first film you will love this balletic action film that puts the recent Xxx film look like a walk in the park.


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